The work I have been honored to do in this unexpected career has been meaningful, and so beautiful. I am extremely grateful to the many individuals and groups who have shared their lives, their stories and their hearts with me.

Judy Kaan

I was widowed in 2011 and went to my first Camp Widow in San Diego in August 2012.
Meeting Michele Neff Hernandez at the Pool Bar – she greeted me making me feel that my story mattered.

She has so much empathy, gives hope to each and every widow and widower that she comes in contact with. I was lost, and in deep grief.
Michele has changed my life realizing there is hope. Her heart and soul truly gives 110% to everyone who has had a deep loss to tragedy.

Michele knows all of our stories and shares her own story, creating our Village. Through Michele, I found my purpose in life and am extremely grateful. Thank you Michele, for all you do and your amazing team. You are My Super Hero!

When I found myself suddenly widowed at 38 I was lost, grieving deeply, and desperately seeking meaning and understanding. I found that understanding in Michele Neff Hernandez. In my desperate search for those who might understand and help me make sense of my world, I found Soaring Spirits and was able to reach out to ask questions about Camp Widow. The person who responded to those inquiries was Michele who compassionately (and very patiently) answered all of my questions and even helped me get the resources I needed to attend my first camp. Her down to earth nature and her kind encouragement helped me feel confident enough to attend camp on the other side of the country all by myself. That camp, and her speech and presence during that camp and still today have greatly changed my life for the better. I am now a Soaring Spirits regional group leader for the Eastern Shore of Maryland and will be leading a camp workshop myself! Michele changes lives and inspires us to move forward through grief to become our very best selves. I can think of no better representative for the widowed community.

I lost my husband in 2015, I was able to attend Camp Widow in 2016. WOW!!!! What an absolutely FABULOUS experience, and the best part was to meet Michele!!!
She has held my hand and walked me through this awful journey. I’ve had personal questions that I really wanted to ask Michele, but I thought that she would be too busy to respond to my requests...I was TOTALLY wrong!!!! Michele resounded instantly with the comfort and love that I needed in that moment!
So often, we need to talk with someone whom is walking the same comes Michele! I get SO excited when I see her posts, listen to her podcasts, see her at camp, or just simply see her responses to ME!!!! She genuinely cares about each and everyone of us! I aspire to be even remotely the person that she is!! She’s a true gift sent from heaven. I refer all other widows/widowers to her...what a true blessing!❤️❤️❤️