Star Style with Cynthia Brian – Plants for Peace, Different After You, Gift of Healing

Star Style

Standing in solidarity with the Ukraine, Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, gives us the motivation to plant for peace by growing vegetation in the colors of blue and yellow. We can all spring into solidarity by planting blooms for the brave. Choose a combination of specimens from both color spectrums that best represent how you feel. Cynthia Brian interviews Michele Neff Hernandez about her book Different after You. Different after You helps readers adapt to, and embrace, the version of themselves that was born through trauma.

About Author

Michele Neff Hernandez

Michele Neff Hernandez is a nonprofit leader, compelling speaker and committed advocate for widowed people around the world. She is the founder and Executive Director of Soaring Spirits International, a non-profit organization providing research-based programs and a community of peers for anyone who has experienced the death of a spouse or partner. Since Michele founded Soaring Spirits in 2008, Soaring Spirits has served over four million widowed people and continues to increase their reach through the development and management of innovative grief support programs.

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