Connie Winch

Michele is one of my heroes because she created the thing that she herself needed—a community of widowed people–and she made it one that’s inclusive of all whose significant other has died, regardless of age, gender, orientation, marital status, or any other factor. If the one you believe you’d spend the rest of your life with has died, you are welcome at Soaring Spirits International. I had only a brief amount of time with the man I was in love with and believed I’d marry, but Michele has always welcomed me with open arms and often joined me in honoring him and our love. And I couldn’t be more grateful—for that, as well as for the bond I’ve experienced with many of the people I’ve met through Soaring Spirits, which is like nothing else I’ve ever seen. SSI has given me a community of people who truly “get it” and as such has brought many wonderful people into my life. And the lion’s share of the thanks for all of this support and community go to Michele’s inspiration, hard work, and leadership.