Jennifer Loudon

It is such an honor to introduce you to Michele. She has had an unbelievable impact on the lives of so many, widowed people and beyond! I am so grateful to have benefitted from her speaking – she really sheds light on different ways one can view life, and how the darkest days could some day give way to the brightest sunshine – and she can do so without being trite or pollyanna. Her speaking is accessible to so many people – in good times and in bad – and encourages everyone to live a more active, engaged and positive life.

I have also been privileged to work with her as leader. She has tremendous vision and ambition for what is possible in our world, and how we can all create stronger communities and better care for each other. I have never seen her back down from a challenge, and indeed sometimes she will go seek them if life is too quiet! Her leadership is equally inspiring and supportive – pushing towards a better future, but supporting those who have to do the pushing as well.

To experience the energy and presence of Michele Neff Hernandez is to be greatly enriched. You will never see the world the same way again. I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to hear and learn from her.